WashEZE 10-10 Loads in each Bag -Unscented

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Laundry Sheets replace three products: detergent, fabric softener, and anti-static sheets; and they are less expensive than the total cost of the three products. Add 1 Sheet of WashEZE to laundry in washing machine

How it works

  • Transfer WashEZE sheet and clothes into dryer
  • Laundry complete!
  • Unique Formula
  • Unique single-sheet format
  • No Mess, No Measuring
  • Powerful Detergent, Fabric Softener & Static Control in ONE!
  • Scented & Unscented with no Optical Brighteners
  • The ultimate in convenience!
  • Simple to use, portable and saves time & money!

Research Study Confirms

  • 90% of Consumers prefer the simplicity, cleanliness, portability, and time-saving advantage of our laundry sheets versus their current brand!
  • Texas Analytical Lab Reports: "Our rea​ dings show that WashEZE (R) and Cheer (R) to be approximately equal in cleaning.....while Tide (R) was less effective